Mission and Vision

This next generation is the first generation in recent history to have a life expectancy shorter than their parents because of childhood diabetes and obesity.

Hearing that fact during a freshman Food Science and Nutrition course at Cal Poly wrecked me. It made no sense. We have come so far as a civilization. We have all the knowledge we need at our fingertips, more food options than we need, yet people still aren’t making the right eating choices? How can that be?

It frustrated me. Upset me. Made me want to do something about it. As I stood at a crummy retail job, steaming clothes and saying hello to customers as they walked through the door, I wondered if there was a better way to live my life. There had to be! I realized that there could be a way out of the retail job and a solution to the poor health problem of today’s youth. All we had to do was increase access to nutritious foods and education. That was when the idea for Frutopia Valley was born.

I needed to make a difference in the world. Contribute to society in some way. That is when I decided to write books about a place called Frutopia.

The purpose of Frutopia Valley is to educate and inspire children and adults on the importance of eating healthy fruits and vegetables and living a more active lifestyle. The vision of Frutopia is that every kid in the world would have access to a nutritious meal everyday.

Frutopia Valley is a world where fruits and vegetables talk, walk, and live out there lives in peace. Each story is jam packed with fun, nutrient-dense characters that teach us all lessons about life. Enjoy reading the stories, and please share them with your friends and family!

Author and creator of Frutopia Valley, Owen Schwaegerle, is passionate about agriculture, nutrition, and fitness. He loves hiking, exploring, and going on adventures and eating healthy fruits and vegetables. He wishes to inspire others to be interested in these types of activities, so he has decided to write short stories with small morals to encourage others to live happy and healthy lives.