Frutopia Valley Books

The future can be changed. We have the ability to chose what we eat, what food we buy, and what we share with our loved ones. These books are designed to inspire more healthier lifestyle choices.

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When it comes to fighting childhood obesity and diabetes, we can help make healthy choices to impact those in our lives we care about.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin franklin
Isaac is addicted to video games till one day when there is a power outage. He goes outside and stumbles upon Frutopia Valley, a kingdom that has been taken over by a wicked weed. Together with his friends Lance the Mushroom, Zoey the Blueberry, and Brillen the Broccoli, he must unite the kingdom to save Frutopia Valley. Through this adventure, Isaac is challenged to step outside his comfort zone, and becomes a healthier, happier kid because of it.
The valley of Frutopia is caught up in a frenzy over the discovery of a beautiful purple flower. In their panic to get one for their home, Frutopians leave a destruction of flowers across the meadow. This story teaches the importance of respecting nature and leaving it for others to enjoy.
Brillen the Broccoli is a hard worker. He and his dad work out in the fields to provide for their family. One day, aphids begin to invade the village, and Brillen must work with his friend Lola the Ladybug to save the kingdom.
A young pumpkin thinks he knows it all. He likes to show off, one up everybody, and prove himself. In this children’s story, Martin the Pumpkin learns the importance of humility, a lesson which we can all learn from.