Total colony collapse

The other day, we were walking around the park in downtown Paso Robles. We heard a crunch underfoot and looked down. There were bees. Thousands of them. They were on the ground. An entire colony! Or a massive swarm.

Why were they out here?

How did this happen? This is a great tragedy! Bees are super important for pollinating plants and keeping us alive. They make honey 🍯, pollinate trees 🌳, and help keep the world 🌎 healthy and green.

My first two theories about these bees were this:

1. There was a disease that infected the colony, like mad cow disease but for bees. They all got infected and then started to poison each other. Slowly, the whole hive was infected, then they died.

2. There was a spray that was applied to the hive and the bees fell out of the tree and all clustered together and slowly died.

What was so crazy about this whole experience was that the ants 🐜 were coming and taking the bees and their bodies away. It was like they didn’t even care. They just came to get all the dead bees and bring them back to their colony. Must be a sweet snack… Wait, that made me think, if the bees were poisoned, maybe it would poison the ant colony as well. Or may, if they were infected with mad bee disease, the ants would get it too! Can that even happen? Bees spreading disease to ants?

Once I posted this to Instagram and Facebook and asked for some help, one of my friends told me that with his background in Ag and pests, it didn’t look like they had been sprayed with a pesticide. In his experience and from what he could see here, he suggested that the queen 👑 🐝 bee could have died, which would mean all the workers and drones would be without a leader, thus leading to the entire colony collapsing.

What a sad day! Could you imagine everyone in your colony having to die with you because your leader died? How terrible would it be to have no clue what to do, no purpose, no direction, without the queen bee.

In some ways, our lives can be like that. Without a sense of purpose, a higher power that we submit to and follow, we are living a purposeless existence. We would be just like the bees, living on our own, spinning around on the ground, void of meaning. That is why it is so important to find your purpose. Find out that God is real. He is there and He has a plan and a purpose for you. Let’s make the most of our lives on this planet and follow our Creator.

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