Dalgona coffee

The world is stuck at home. A global quarantine has got us sitting on our couches wondering what we should do with our lives. Baking, gardening, fitness, things we all want to do and yet don’t have enough time to are finally getting done. And it is all trending online. One of these popular trends has made its way from South Korea 🇰🇷 all over the world. It has gone viral online through social media. Dalgona coffee!

Basically, people wanted a way to drink deluxe gourmet coffee and take cool pictures to post on Instagram from home. Thus, Dalgona Coffee was born!

How you make it is pretty easy – if you have the right ingredients! We tried it two different times this morning to no avail. The real key is to use instant coffee mix. The crystals in it allow for the coffee to coagulate and stiffen to form the peaks. We tried it with regular coffee, even ground it up super finely, and it still didn’t work. We were whisking the concoction for 20 minutes… it wasn’t working so we started over with a lesser quantity, and it still wasn’t working. So I finally had to go to the store to buy the right ingredients.

Once we had the right stuff, we quickly got the ingredients and started to whip it into shape. It is super easy!

1 TBSP instant coffee mix

1 TBSP hot water

1 TBSP sugar

You have to whip it together. It should take about 7-8 minutes. If it takes longer, you may need to check your ingredients. Once you have it all whipped together, you get to put it on top of a cups of milk. It can be hot or cold, your choice.

It took us a very long time to make, so we hope you learn from our mistakes. Enjoy this delicious 😋 quarantine treat. It is a fresh, homemade healthier alternative to some of the store bought and sugar loaded drinks you can get from a coffee shop. Stay healthy my friends. #dalgonacoffee #stayathome #quarantine

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