Healthy cooking in the age of Coronavirus

When we were told that we may be quarantined for weeks, we didn’t want to believe it. That sounds ridiculous. Who would actually do that in America? The land of the free. Well… they did it. The person who sent me the audio clip saying it would happen was right. We started to stock up on non perishables like beans, canned goods etc. and the shelves for most of those goods were empty. People seem to have an irrational paranoia that we are going to run out of food or something.

There was lots of produce left over which was great. We got some fresh broccoli and made some couscous tonight.

It is simple, healthy, and delicious. We put all kinds of spices on it and cooked the couscous with coconut oil. The meal took about 3 minutes of prep, 20 minutes cooking in the rice cooker, and was completely done. It made enough food to feed two and there were some left overs!

In the age of Coronavirus, we are having to ration our food. There is no telling how long this pandemic will go on for or how bad it will get. We have enough food for several weeks, but we will eventually run out of fresh produce.

That is why I am going to start a garden. It will be so nice to have some fresh items on hand in the backyard. It is going to be my first time gardening in several years. I’m going to love getting feedback and ideas on what to do, what to plant, how to take care of it.

This was a plant based meal, which is a new healthy theme of the year we are trying out. Love the way plant based meals make me feel after them. More energy, clarity, less lethargy and bloatyness. Super excited and can’t wait to see what we grow or what we make next!

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