Walking Humbly


It has been a while since publishing a post, so a goal is to write more in 2017. Here is a new short story about the importance of Walking Humbly. Enjoy!

There once was a tall and healthy, round peach youth named Victor. He was the firstborn of eleven siblings, so he was always the tallest and the oldest in his family. This made him believe he was the best at everything else as well. Victor would often times boast that he could eat the most, run the most, and laugh the most out of everyone his own age. He loved playing sports, but only if he would win. He also thought his own stories were far more interesting than the stories of others.

One day, Victor was spending some time with three peaches his own age in the peach village: Lily, Christy, and Frank.

Lily, a very kind peach girl was sharing her own story. “I saw this worm in the garden today that was this big,” Lily said raising her hands shoulder width apart. “I picked it up and then–“

“Ha! That’s nothing.” Victor interrupted. “One time I found a worm this big!” he said holding up his own hands double the length.” Lily was quieted and Christy tried to speak.

“I’ve grown a collection of worms in a box before,” she chimed. “I had two dozen worms or more that ate the rubbish I would give them.”

Victor did not like that the other peach were so impressed by Christy’s story. He had never grown a box of worms before, so he needed to think of a new way to get everyone’s attention back on himself.

“Look at me!” he said as he started doing somersaults across the grass. “This is fun! Do you want to join?”

Everyone turned to watch him, but no one turned to join him. He rolled one last time, noticed that his three colleagues were all looking at him, and then said, “Why don’t we go do something fun instead of sit here all day?” he asked anxiously.

Frank then said, “I have an idea for what we should do today! How about we hike through King Wheaton’s fields up to the Golden Hill then go for a swim?”

“That’s boring,” Victor said with a wave. “I did that last week. If you want to do a real hike, why don’t you go up into the Primary Mountains? From there, we can look down on the rest of the puny Frutopian villages. They are no where near as sophisticated as ours!” Victor boasted.

Lily, Christy, and Frank shook their heads. “No thanks,” all three of his colleagues said.

“How about Lily and Christy, you come over to my place, then we go for a swim?” Frank asked.

“Sure!” the two girls happily agreed.

“What about me?” Victor asked.

“You’re not invited,” Frank said.

“What, why can’t I come?” Victor shouted.


Lily then replied:

“If you think of yourself more than you ought,

You’ll end up treating others as you should not.

You may then come to see,

People enjoy to be,

With those who walk humbly!”


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