Day One

A poem about the day the Frutopians arrived in the Valley

One morning, Clayton the Gull sat on a sandy bluff and looked out to sea.

He felt the cool mist brush his feathers as he looked out thoughtfully.

There were a few clouds that lingered from the storm the night before.

The sea still frothed as the waves crashed fiercely to the shore.

Little ol’ Clay was watching the waves come and go.

When he noticed a large, floating, black box of cargo.

What on earth could this be?

Perhaps this is food for me!

Clay thought silently.

Clay watched as the box rode a wave,
Astonished it did not sink to a watery grave.

Here it comes! I shall find out at last.

He puffed out his feathers and flew over fast.

The bird touched down on the sand,

Just as the box washed up on dry land.

He marched over and found a small door.

Then something happened that had never happened before.

The door opened and the contents came out.

Plants walking, talking, lifting a shout!

Colorful fruits of every variety!

Vegetables, and nuts fresh from the tree!

“We made it! We are finally free.”

A golden wheat stalk said triumphantly.

The gull squawked and thought, What a surprise.

Here comes a feast before my very eyes.

These fruits and vegetables are triple the size!

Thank goodness! He lifted his head to the skies.


The gull ran close and gave a quick peck.

That simple action became a complete wreck.

Every Frutopian under the sun,

United as if they were one.

They tackled the bird and took it to the ground.

Feathers flew up, and Clay quickly frowned.

“Listen to me,” the wheat stalk said.

“We are Frutopians, not your food to be fed.

Though we are new, do not fear.

It is the golden rule to which we adhere.

Love your neighbor and be kind.

Welcome others with open heart and mind.”


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