Frutopia Valley

A healthier, happier future

The purpose of Frutopia Valley is to educate and inspire children and adults on the importance of eating healthy fruits and vegetables and living a more active lifestyle. The vision of Frutopia is that every kid in the world would have access to a nutritious meal everyday.

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Blog Entries

  • Total colony collapse
    The other day, we were walking around the park in downtown Paso Robles. We heard a crunch underfoot and looked down. There were bees. Thousands of them. They were on the ground. An entire colony! Or a massive swarm. Why were they out here? How did this happen? This is a great tragedy! Bees are […]
  • Little House on the Prairie
    And here we are… surviving in this new era of covid19. One of the most challenging things for us so far has been that we do not have a washer and dryer at the property we live at. We could go to a laundromat, but germs… lots of other people‚Äôs germs, clothes, hair, and we […]
  • Back to the Good Earth And the Good Things
    Today, has been an incredible day. It has been a day of reading, running, praying, juicing, and planting a garden. All things that are good for the body, mind, and soul. Today was a day of wholistic living. A day of just being. First, I want to share with you a great tip I learned […]


We can change the world through education. The books are designed to educate and inspire. Each one has a message hidden within, and subtly instills the importance of healthy eating and exercise


  • This book was a great read for all ages! I look forward to sharing it with my children to help teach great life lessons and healthy life choices.

    Cassidy P.